On Roofing and Siding Color Tips

Published: 03rd October 2011
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The exterior of the home, with all its parts, integrate with each other to form its overall aesthetic. As such, the roofing and siding of your house are usually made with matching or complementary colors, even though in most cases they are made up of different materials. Most roofing and siding materials are available in an assortment of colors and shades to ensure maximum compatibility.

While your house can be a reflection of your personality, it is also a place or rest and relaxation. Some treat their homes as their after-work escape and retreat and hideaway places. After all, home is where the heart is, right? Because of this, homeowners choose color combinations that are muted, reserved, and neither reflect nor absorb too much sunlight.

A common mistake people make when choosing color combinations is selecting a color that is almost exactly the same as the either the roofing or the siding. This makes the house look boring, lifeless, and monotonous. Instead of a lifeless color scheme, try to complement your colors, not match them.

When narrowing down choices for your Sterling roofing and siding, try to look at the sample both in the shade and in sunlight. One should take the exterior of the house into careful consideration. Put the sample swatch in a sunny place, then wait and check the same sample again in the shade. The effect may be a little bit different than what you had hoped for so itís better to be prepared.

Take note that colors also have a different effect when spread over an entire Sterling roofing or siding, than viewed on a singular swatch card. Shoppers should consider the overall impact of the colors than simply choosing which their favorite is. A color may look appealing on a swatch card, but overwhelming when completely installed. To see what effect might be, one can go to an online simulator to have a rough idea what the outcome might be like.

Keep in mind that roofing and Code to copy n paste Sterling siding are long lasting products, not easily removed and will be around for many decades to come. The overall appearance of its exterior can make or break it. Owners should choose color combinations that are modern and acceptable not only for them but also by most people, especially if the home in question will be sold in the future.

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